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Equipment: Rotary Drum Dryer is a drying system in which water / solvent re
Equipment Type: Drying Equipment -> Hot Blast Heater
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Post Time: 2010-12-21
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Description: Rotary Drum Dryer is a drying system in which water / solvent removed from a solution / suspension by the heating source. Drum Dryer is a slow speed rotating drum, a part of the drum is submerged in an attached trough contains wet feed . Heat is applied to the inside of the rotating drum through drum hollow shaft and thorough rotary joint and the wet feed clings to the outside of the drum. The material is dryed during a part of revolution and is removed by a blade or scraper. The condensate inside the drum will come out through other port of rotary joint The operation of the drum dryer is controlled by the adjustment of the drum speed and the heat applied. The material of construction and the size of the drum depend upon the character of the product and its capacity
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